Anan Magazine – Sungmin Interview

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Anan Magazine – Sungmin Interview


Sungmin “When I see her clumsy figure, I suddenly feel like hugging her”

Sungmin, who heals all the girls around the world with a cute puppy-like face and an undefeated charms of his, is also a very warm guy inside.
“In the gym, I always choose the songs with overflowing fighting spirit and aggressive as my background music to cheer up myself. It’s because bodybuilding is my way to fight against myself.”

Looks like your childhood dream was to be a translator around the world.
“Rather than saying it’s my dream, it was actually my parent’s wish. But isn’t all people have their own pleasant way to live ? I realised that I actually don’t have any interest in study when I entered high school (laughs). I love dancing and singing, so I decided on my own that I want to be a singer.”


Tell us your experiences as an actor before combining in a group.
“The charm of being an actor is, you get to know every kind of people and characters. I want to continue my activity as actor, and I also want to try working in Japan’s production. I really love a Japanese movie called ‘Udon’ and I was deeply moved by the simple theme used in that movie.”


Your role as a person in charge of saving in Super Junior.
“I’m especially strict about conservation of energy. I hate it when the lights, heaters or televisions were left on without being used, so whenever I realised it I will automatically switch them off ! And because of that, the electricity bills in my dorm is only half compared to the other dorm. I’m a guy with full of ecenomics sense (laughs).”


Then you are really reliable if you get married !
“I actually have a strong desire to get married. I can’t wait to look at my ‘Chibi Sungmin’ who’ll look just like me. Absolutely cute isn’t it ? I will drown him/her with all my love. And I will be a dad with full of family support and services.”


The condition that you want in your wife ?
“The one who cooks well and have a similiar taste with me. It’s okay if she’s not perfect with house chores. If I see her clumsy figure eventhough she had tried her best, I will suddenly feel like hugging her. I’m the type of guy who will always protect my woman.”


Super Junior song that you love the most ?
“‘Believe’. Its a song from Exile that we did a cover, but the melody is so good, and the lyrics wrote by Heechul is really beautiful. The most important thing is, I sang the last part of the song ! That’s the bigget reason why I chose this song (laughs).”


Reveal the member’s secret !
“Ryeowook actually have a very cool thought about love, and because of that we gave him a name ‘Kim Binha’. If we write it in Kanji, it will be ‘金氷河’, which means a guy who is like a *glacier.”
*Glacier – I think the glacier here means a cold and cool personality. Maybe ><



Credit: @syazureq
via : by supergirlRain



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