Anan Magazine – Yesung Interview


Author ngepost lagi nih.. An an Magazine Yesung Interview..

Author cuman nemu punya Yesung.. Sungmin gak ada, padahal Author berharap nemu yang punyanya Sungmin *nangis di pojokkan*

Semoga habis ini dapet yang punyanya Sungmin.. Doakan yaa \m/ :0

Happy reading guys.. Cekidot cekidoot…


[FULL ENG TRANS] 120516 Anan Magazine Yesung Interview

Yesung’s deep husky voice atracts everyone’s hearts. His voice was exactly what has been named “The Art of Voice”.

Yesung: I and my other friends made a HIP HOP group then performed on school event. I was just dreaming of to be singer at that time…. but it was still just a dream. However when i was 2nd degree of hight school, my mother insisted on that “my son can sing a song much better than real singers”. Then she decided to apply for SME audition by herself… She estimated me more than what I was, right? but because of her, i am able to sing a song in front of you now. So I am so appreciate how much she considered about me.

Q: When do you feel happy to be SUPER JUNIOR?
Yesung: When people call me “YESUNG” Although I have my real name, I can be a singer when people call me YESUNG. I am able to being a singer as long as I am SUPER JUNIOR. So, SJ is the place where I can make my dreams come true, I’d like to being SUPER JUNIOR forever, then keep doing concerts and fyling over the world to meet fans.

Q: Yesung is known as a ballad singer, but you are good at singging rap? according to Eunhyuk?
Yesung: Yes, I can do it quite well, I am not supposed to..though. But it is kind of unique. If I were born in other generation, I would be a singer rapper, Dancing is also…I was famous as a good dancer.
My dancing skill was just hided by other members better skill.

Q: So Yesung cares about you dont have “A LOVE AFFAIR”?
Yesung: Yes, My mobile records really few female friends numbers. So always other members are worried about it. But i really dont know how to make female friends, in deed. Nobody can teach me it.

Q : so, if you were a girl, who do you want to going out with?
Yesung: Um… I have already knew others character too deeply. I will be a singer forever if I must associate with any SUPER JUNIOR members secret.

Q: Please tell me other members secret?
Yesung: Leeteuk is the most childish. He kept a Band-Aid on his little injury on the finger for 1 week. He likes being spoiled.

Q: What is your position amoung SJ?
Yesung: I am a movie adviser. Other member asked me what kind of DVD should watch when they werein good/bad/mood, because I always watch DVD whenever I have free time. I favorite is ‘Last Holiday” nowdays.


[CREDIT : Trans @wwmisa for @clouds_world]


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