Super Junior interview with Kstyle

Annyeoong.. (fotonya gak pas ya.. mianhae..)

Ini Interview lagi.. Kali ini sama K-style

Biar gak lama-lama..

Ayo di baca dibaca.. Cekidooot..


About solo stages 

Q : Did you fight against each other for the solo stages ?
Shindong : Everyone is keeping their solo as a secret. No one ever talked about it.
Eunhyuk : I thought I was the only one changing my solo stage, but everyone changed and we only knew it during rehearsal.
Kyuhyun : Leeteuk is always practicing secretly. Our dormitary is on 2 different floors, but I keep hearing weird sounds at 2-3am in the morning. I even thought ‘What the heck are they doing now’.
Leeteuk : I was practicing on drums ><



Q : Your next dream ?

Leeteuk : I want to perform at Beijing Main Stadium (Beijing National Gymnasium) with 80,000 fans.
Yesung : Jamsil Main Stadium in Seoul is okay too.
Eunhyuk : I don’t have a precise target, but i want to achieve something that i can’t imagine one by one. I also want to perform in countries that we had never gone before.
Kyuhyun : I want to be an idol that can be recognize as the national performer and singer by all citizens, and as the symbol of an idol.


Popularity & boasting Kyu XD 

Q : Does SJ have any members who are famous in particular country ?

Leeteuk : Yesung always get more energetic each time we come to Japan. For Japan, its Yesung and Sungmin, in China/Taiwan, Siwon is the most popular. And for Donghae, he is quiet in Japan, but when he goes to Thailand, his charms will scatter all over the place. Kyuhyun is also really famous in Thailand.
Kyuhyun : I’m not only famous in particular country, but i get in the high ranking for popularity in most countries.


Credit: Kstyle
Translation by: 혁재’s (syazureq)
Shared at by uksujusid




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