[TRANSCRIPT] tvN Taxi with Sungmin [120517]

Annyeong, malam-malam gini author mau ngepost transkripnya Sungmin oppa waktu ada txN Taxi nih.. Tapi mian kalau gak semua, karena ini aja yang author dapetin.. hehehe..

Okay guys, happy reading all.. πŸ™‚



(-) Q:Who is the member that fits the least, the most different?
SM: SJ is a happy group. We all have a good appetite, and we eat everything. I don’t think we have a member like that. AHH, wait we do!
MC: I think Sungmin knows how to run variety shows, he taking over Luna’s turn. SM: It just popped into my head, it’s Yesung! We usually have rehearsals at 7~8am. Yesung has many vocal/high pitched parts in our songs. So he practices in the car while the rest are trying to sleep.


(-) SM: All the members are loving and funny, sometimes improper/misbehave.

(-) SM: I’m very good at driving. Luna: Illegal u-turn? SM: No! I’m 28 years old Aing! XD

(-) SM: Have you been kissed since you turned into an adult?
Luna: I have been kissed by my family.
SM: That’s really an idol’s answer.

(-) Q: Who is the strongest (in SJ)?
SM: Shindong, because he is heavier.
We’ve never really tested to see who was the strongest though.

(-) SM: Practice is practice, play is play, however when you put the two together we waste a lot of time, so I have to keep telling myself to be patient. Unfortunately, there is a primary leader to this cause.

(-) — Talking about trainee days–

Q: What was it like?
SM: It was interesting, we practiced singing and dancing with others. it was like our play time. Also we pretended like we were on a variety show, etc.
MC: How long did you train for?
SM: 7…no 6 years.

(-) — Talking about trainee days —

Q: What were some of your toughest times?
SM: Junsu, Eunhyuk, and I almost debuted as a group. But then Junsu debuted as a TVXQ member. So we started to drift apart. I always questioned when I was going to debut, and I became frustrated, I was 19 at the time. After that, I kept practicing and never gave up. I always said, try one more time.

(-) Q: Do you remember your first broadcast?
SM: I only appeared for a few seconds out of the-three-minute song.
This is because we had many members. We all cried after our debut stage.
It was so surreal I questioned myself, did I just debut, am I a singer?
SM: Jessica always said,”I don’t cry, I won’t, I’m ok” but she cries a lot.

(-) SM: Our first abroad schedule was in Thailand. It was my first time on a plane.

(-) SM: I was totally suprised, when we entered Thailand, the guards hindered us because of all the fans. Even the fences fell down. I wondered how they found out about SJ, and the fans always greet us with a Korean banner saying things like, “Sungmin-ah I love you, I’m learning Korean for you!” I felt proud and happy.

(-) Q: What do you do to make sure your oversea concerts are successful?
SM: I say an oath. When I go abroad I always tell myself that I am an amateur, that way I will push myself harder to bring a better performance.


cr : @winesdrop

Idk who’s translate it, but I copied from acc twitter @winesdrop

Gomawo.. πŸ™‚




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