120519 BS-TBS King’s Brunch – Super Junior [FULL TRANS]

Annyeoong.. author kembali niiiih.. hehehe.. kali ini transkrip lagi..

Tapi ini BS-TBS King’s Brunch.. Punya Japan kalo gak salah.. Dalam Eng translation  hehehe.. Jadi semua bisa baca.. yang mengartikan bukan aku, baca di bawah ada credit and vianya..

Oke, author lanjutkan yaa..

Happy reading guys… 🙂


120519 BS-TBS King’s Brunch – Super Junior [FULL TRANS] 




SJ : We’re Super Junior !
MC : Wow so cool ! Annyeonghaseyo.
Sungmin : You’re good !
Yesung : Ogenkidesuka ? (How are you ?)
MC : Genkidesuyo (I’m fine). You guys are so good in Japanese.
Sungmin : We’re currently learning.

Lets hear the members introduction in Japanese !
Sungmin : How do you do ? I’m Sungmin.
Yesung : Ogenkidesuka ? I’m Yesung. Shall we eat here ?
(MCs laughing at him LOL)
Kyuhyun : Hello, I’m Kyuhyun. Are you guys having fun ?
(MCs laughing again)
Leeteuk : How do you do ? I’m Super Junior’s angel leader, Leeteuk.
Eunhyuk : I’m Super Junior’s jewel handsome guy, Eunhyuk.
MC : So cool.
Donghae : How do you do ? I’m Super Junior Donghae.
Ryeowook : I’m Super Junior Ryeowook. Nice to meet you.
Shindong : I’m the person in charge of visual in Super Junior, Shindong.

MC : Wow you guys Japanese are so good, even there’s a few words stucked here and there. So what is the Japanese word you remember lately ?
Eunhyuk : When I was doing Oppa Oppa promotion with Donghae, there’s a popular phrase we learned at the end of the promotion. 1,2,3 ‘Kimi kawawi ne’*. (together with Hae)
MC : You really use this phrase right ?
Eunhyuk : I’m using it continuously ! (MC laughing)
Shindong : Is there any other word that is popular recently ?
MC : There’s a word that has been used by a gag, Sugi-san ‘Wild darou ?’* with wild appearance and suspicious eyes, and it is currently very popular now.
Shindong : ‘Wild darou ?’

Super Junior members’ favourite Japanese food ?
Sungmin : Ramen ! I really love ramen !
Leeteuk : Miso and soy sauce, which one ?
Sungmin : I love miso ramen.
Donghae : I love gyuudon !
Kyuhyun : Gyuudon ?! (suddenly shaking hands)*
Leeteuk : Where did you eat the best gyuudon ?
Donghae : The gyuudon I ate at Tokyo is the best and delicious.
MC : Do you guys go to eat together ?
Shindong : When we come to Japan ? We always eat together when we go overseas, but when we’re in Korea, everyone separates !
MC : You guys looks like you have a very good relationship.
Everyone : Of course. (suddenly hugging LOL) We’re in good relationship ! ^^
MC : But Yesung’s face looks like he’s being pulled (laughing).
Yesung : Wait wait (everyone hugged Yeye and tickled him especially Kyu)

Leeteuk : To all viewers in Japan, even if we can’t really come and visit, but thank you so much for always giving us such a big love. We will try and do our best to give everyone our bright energy. Please treat us with the love again after this. And then, everyone please stay happy and healthy with positive feeling. Thank you.
MC : Thank you so much !
Everyone : This have been Super Junior !

*Kimi kawawi ne – The correct phrase is ‘Kimi kawaii ne’ which means ‘You’re so cute’, but there’s someone started this phrase in a Japanese variety show, and its kinda popular now.

*Wild darou – This means ‘Look so wild right ?’. This phrase is also very popular in the tv show lately.

*Gyuudon – I think Kyu shakes hand with Hae because the food’s name is similar to his own name, Kyu (Gyu) LOL
Credit: @syazureq
via : sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by supergirlRain



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