My Opinion about I AM Movie

Annyeoong haseyo.. mumpung nih..

Jadi sekalian ngepostnya sebelum tidur.. Ini aku post opiniku kemarin dari twitter. Aku masukin kesini supaya yang belum baca bisa baca. Dan ini asli aku yang bikin. Kalau bahasa inggrisnya ancur maaf ya, asli gak bisa bahasa inggris sih.. hohoho.. Penasaran? Oke, aku lanjutkan yaa.. πŸ™‚

Happy reading…


My Opinion about I AM Movie

My friend told me to watch I AM movie. First time, I really lazy to watch that movie. Because in my timeline they said suju is 10 percent.. And because that rumour, I really mad and angry. But many friend said the movie is really DAEBAK.. I can’t wait for IAM dvd.. I’ll buy it. And yesterday, I saw my timeline.. And in there, I found link from yt. Yeah, I AM movie link.. Lucky me ! I downloaded that video. I waited it from 3pm until 8pm. Wasted time to wait, but I think never mind if the movie is daebak, I should wait it. I watched it ! And just one word that I can say for I AM movie.. DAEBAK ! Just it.

Kangta, BoA, TVXQ!, Shinee, GG, fx and my dearest Superman, SUPER JUNIOR was really DAEBAK ! I don’t care how much I hate someone around SMTOWN artist but they make sense of proudness in my heart. Their struggle from trained until now, made many or much fans screaming for them.. Maybe they would be saying ‘I PROUD TO BE ….” Like me, I PROUD TO BE ELF ! Superman oppas, saranghae ! You all really awesome guys.. You made us happy, sad, cry or more feeling that I can’t to saying.. We really love you. Until now, I still crying.. I really to do it guys


To Personal :



For Kangta and BoA. I didn’t know you before. But when I saw this video, I really want to meet you and say “oppa, unni, you both really awesome”



For shinee, i’m not a shawol, but isn’t mean that I hate you.. You all really cute guys.. XD



For GG, first time I love kpop because of you. And I really thankfull to you. Maybe if I didn’t now you, until now I can’t know about SJ



For fx, you are not as famous as the other.. But did you know? You have a different personality member, and it make me glad to know you all. And victoria unni, scene about you is really funny.. I know it isn’t easy but you really hard working for your best



For TVXQ ! I don’t how to say, but you both very daebak ! U-know oppa really handsome and gentle ! Max oppa, omigot, you are really cute. If I know you before SJ, maybe you’ll be my first bias kkk..



And now For my dearest 9 supermans, you all made me proud to be ELF. No more reasons why I love you because you make me didn’t have reasons anymore. Because you all taught me all lesson of life. Isn’t easy and we should hard working for all our dreams.






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