Super Junior at SM Building [Fan Account] From 120602

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120602 Eunhyuk, Leeteuk & Choco at the back of SM building [2P]

irrelevant information omitted 

Okay, so I went to SM Entertainment last June 1 and here’s a spazzing fan account of my experience there. I met the whole Super Junior /yes, including Kangin/ :”> WARNING: THIS IS A LONG ONE. 😀

I was supposed to stall around the building for only 30 minutes just to see how the building looks like in real life but I saw so many fangirls around the place bringing gifts and banners for the artists inside so I asked one the girls, “what is the buzz all about?” but the Korean girl was like, “no engrishie understandie” so I just said, “OKAY. INSIDE. WHAT? GROUP?” and she replied, “OOOH SYUPEO JUNYEO. OL OP DEM. BUT. SHIWON, NO.” so I was like “O M G SUPER JUNIOR. I HAVE…

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