120716 KBS Star Life Theater Ep. 1 with Super Junior [TRANSCRIPT]

Teuk chose Hyuk as the number 1 member who became “dragon”(something like changed for the better the most) but Hyuk said it’s Ryeowook. Teuk also said that Hyuk became a fashionista.

Hyuk: Almost all the things in the dorm on the 11th floor belongs to me. On the sofa, the dining table, in the cabinet. Cos there is insufficient space to put my things.

Hyuk said that there will usually be a lot of unwashed dishes at the sink during weekends cos the cleaning auntie doesn’t go to their dorm on weekends. But it’s considered clean on the day of filming.

Hyuk said that they’ll always order supper when they return to dorm late after practices.
MC:”Who will pay for it?”Hyuk:”Either the person who lost in game or the person who earns the most in that period of time.”MC:”Who earns the most?”Hyuk:”On the 11th floor…. seems like it’s me..”
Wook: “Don’t we also eat those in each other mouth?”
Teuk: “Ah, it’s not like that.”
Then, Teuk fed Sungmin who was lying on the floor.
Sungmin: “Hyung, this is similar to the mother bird who goes out to gather food and then feed her children.”

MC asked Hae what did he do in exchange for the sandwiches Wook made. Hae: “Aegyo. I’m almost like magnae.” But he refused to act cute at the camera. Hae: “I still feel burdensome when there is camera.”

Teuk:”The sandwiches are delicious, but the bread is a little hard.” Wook: “Whose preference should I follow? It’ll be tiring for me to suit all 12 members’ preferences.”

Wook: I have to be cute since I’m the magnae. Wouldn’t it be annoying if I’m too cool? I’ll only be cool on stage. That’s my motto.

Wook thanked Hyuk and Shindong for helping him out at IS2. And also thanked Yesung for providing drinks from H&G.

Hyuk said that he’s has always wanted to stand on the stage of IS2 cos it’s where the vocalists always perform and he has no chance. So he’s glad that he got to be on stage with Wook and also be with him when they won. He made some mistakes during the performance so he’s worried that they might lose.

Teuk joked that Wook won at IS2 only cos Star Life Theatre was filming, so they let him win intentionally. Wook: “Don’t try to confuse me, I was really happy then!”

Hyuk: I don’t want to lose when I’m dancing and it seems like there is definitely competition among members. I always want to dance the best so that when we go out and compare with other groups, Super Junior doesn’t lack behind in dancing.

Sungmin: It’s reassuring, very reassuring. If there aren’t so many members, I wonder if we can receive so much love and be at where we are now.

After Teuk fed Wook some food, Teuk: “When we’re eating, we’ll ask the members around ’do you want to eat too?’”




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