Sudah lama gak buka wordpress… Urgh… Seriusaaan… Demi apa pun… Aku kangen ngeposting di rumahku ini.. Hahaha.. Apalagi FF.. Beuuh.. Boro-boro mau ngeposting, buka aja.. Astaga nagaa.. Susahnya mampusssss… Udah mati kali yaa.. hehehe

Masih ngasih tahu aja nih.. Apalagi yang udah nunggu FF dari author.. Kan author ini gak bisa internetan di Malang, maksud author, bukan gak bisa, tapi susahlah kalo mau ngapa-ngapain di Malang itu.. Apalagi buat ngeposting FF. Tapi kemungkinan besar, author bakal balik ke Surabaya atau pulang ke tempat asal author cuman buat ngeposting FFauthor..

Jujur aja, author kangen banget ssama komen komen kalian yang membuat author menggilai Sungmin /gak nyambung/

Gak ding… Maksud author, jadi semangat buat terus lanjutin semuanya sampai seperti ini.. hehehe

Makasih banyak yang udah nunggu author selama ini. Yang ngemention, yang lewat Whatsapp, yang ngomong lewat adek author.. yang marah marah gara-gara FFnya gak di posting posting, yang lewat message di facebook, yang lewat sms, ah banyak laaah… Yang pasti, author minta sabar karena cinta author ke kalian sangat besar.. kkk… Jadi pasti author posting sampai titik darah penghabisan..

Author gak bisa bilang hiatus sih.. Tapi juga gak bisa tiap minggu buka WordPress buat ngapdet FF. Author tetap nulis FF dan ngeposting via lovelyminbi waktu author balik. Kalian bisa minta lewat twitter author @imlsungbi , dan denagn senang hati author akan membalasnya.. Mau ngefollow juga boleh, tapi langsung intro plus bilang kalau kalian adalah reader ya waktu di folback.. Soalnya kalo gak gitu biasanya author agak malas ngefolbacknya.. heee (mianhae)

Ntar sebelum author ngeposting FF, author bakal bilang 1-3 hari sebelum author posting. Via apa? Twitter dong.. kkk

Gonawoyo all..

I’m on semi-hiatus.. nnot hiatus again..

Love you..


Bi 🙂

Title: My hair is very damagedㅠㅠ…

Date: 19 Oct 2012

Eueong…..My baby perm…ㅠㅠ

Sorry for torturing you, my hair~

I shall do it again after it’s longer…!

I will do it nicely the next time!

This time, if anyone ask, I will just say it’s corn perm~ Kekeke

Don’t know. I’m going to play golf!

Source: Sungmin’s Blog
Translated by: @heequeenTing
Shared at by: reneee


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Teuk: 7th anniversary!! There will be even more time together in the future!! Wait for oppa!! ^-^
Ryeowook: 7 years.. thank you ~ 🙂
Shindong: 7 years..ㅠㅠ .. lets grow old together~
Donghae: To E.L.F it’s already 7 years with our ELF wow lets continue to be together for the next 70 years! marry me.
Kangin: 7 years.. it starts now! I love you
Eunhyuk: I like you! For 7 years!
Siwon: 7th love!
Kyuhyun: 7 years of love.. ends! and now(,) the love after 7 years of love~ St~arts!! ^_^
Sungmin: 7th anniversary(,) thank you~!! In the future too~! I love you
Yesung: For 7 years(,) we were in a relationship~

Source: boni呀大酱医仙真爱粉
Translated by: @teukables
Shared at by: reneee


Signatures on pic:

1st-3rd row, left to right
kyuhyun – donghae – leeteuk
sungmin – kangin – ryeowook
yesung – siwon…

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Yesung: Skin is immortal (?) I have never (almost) gotten any skin treatments. But in exchange for that, I probably lack in other things. During 1jib, I had a surgery so I can’t drink alcohol well.  So I continue to be on a diet though I weight the least in our team

Q2: <NamHanSan Castle> <HongGilDong> <DonQuixote>, etc. You have done many musicals. Back then, there weren’t as many idols doing musicals. How did you start doing it?

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