3rd Album Waiting, Still Kyuhyun

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Wook: Today, Sungmin-ssi’s hat is quite lovely~^^!
Min: Oh! it’s the first time that someone said my hat is cute today. ////
Wook: (seeing that happy reaction) … It’s not that amazingly lovely though… *laughs*
Min: ….


Min: I also hate being called “ajjussi”(uncle) … TT
Wook: Ajjussi~^^
Min: What~><
Wook: what about this Ajjussi… Hairstyle? *laughs*
Min: there’s a listener who wants to go back to the past, the past where there was HOT’s moon hee-joon ajjussi…? Ah the hairstyle was… Er… G… Great ! ^^; *laughs*

(Note: Wook and Min were playing with their hair and make it look like hit hairstyle during HOT period : picture credit : isungmincc)

Min: Last week’s night snack theme was “white bread”. Ryeowook-ssi said that “if you put it in the microwave for 1 minute, then it would become…

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