3rd Album Waiting, Still Kyuhyun

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Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [2P] – From 121212

Min: Suddenly I want to eat roasted sweet potato~><
Wook: There he’s talking about eating again *laughs*
Min: I’m hungry~TT


After blasting out that he was hungry, Sungmin kept on talking about food.
He said he wanted to eat meat and Samgyetang (Korean Chicken Soup).
He better grab something to eat. xD


Min: A little while ago I was told that my hair style looked similar to Mi’s *laughs*.
Mi: Really?
Jisoo: Looks like Samurai, cute^^

(After male guest singing)

Min: There is a letter came from Japan. “Although I can’t understand the conversation, you guys are all good singers^^”
Mi: Woah^^ Thank you so much (said in Japanese)
Min: Ah I feel so good *laughs*

Source: Rin (rinpachi1031) 
Translation by: ♥ (kyuminupdates) 
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