(Talking about a listener who worries about having big head)

Min: Maybe you should try exercising. Exercise will help build muscles around your shoulder and make your shoulder becomes broader. Or maybe you should try massage that make faces look smaller.
Wook: That sounds hurtful…
Min: It does hurt >< But in order to cure, you need to tolerate it!


Wook: My small body is my inferiority but I think maybe if i’m 5 cm taller, my face would have been a bit bigger too. ^^; So for that being small is better.
Min: Because you are short so your face is small?
Wook: Because that listener is tall so…
Min: Did that listener write the word ‘tall’ anywhere?
Wook: I think he/she is suppose to be tall ^^; because the body is big so that might leads to thinking that he/she has big head, maybe…

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